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Is David Muir Gay? Why He Is Still Unmarried?



Is David Muir Gay Why He Is Still Unmarried

Speculations about ABC World News Tonight’s anchor David Muir’s sexuality rose after some online forums made comments about the journalist not getting married even though he is in his late 40s.

Being one of the hottest anchors in Hollywood, Muir has captured the attention of many young women, but even after all this, he is still unmarried. But why?

Just like us, people also speculated numerous rumors about why he is still unmarried and doesn’t have any kids. And one of the most popular rumors that went like lightning was that he is gay. 

As the speculations started to grow, some people were in disbelief. And as a result, they were in search of proof and evidence in order to prove his sexuality.

Let’s delve deep into the anchor’s life and check whether or not he is gay. This article will help you attain certainty about David Muir’s sexual orientation. 

David Muir’s Personal Life

Muir is an American Journalist and anchor who is currently working as an anchor for ABC World News Tonight.

Born in Syracuse, New York, on November 8, 1973, he grew up in Onondaga Hill with his parents Pat Mills and Ronald Muir.

David Muir’s Personal Life

Since childhood, Muir dreamed of becoming an anchor just like his biggest journalistic influence, Peter Jennings.

Muir is a graduate of Onondaga Central Junior Senior High School. Later, he attended local Ithaca College, and in 1995, he graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism. 

Muir graduated from Onondaga Central Junior Senior High School in 1991. Later, he attended local Ithaca College, and in 1995, he graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism. 

Although he is an American, his family belongs to different ethnicities including English, Irish, etc. 

David Muir’s Career As An Anchor

At the beginning of his career, he served as an anchor and a reporter at WTVH television in Syracuse, New York.

Being a reporter, he has reported the 1995 assassination of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin from Jerusalem, Israel, etc which has gained him top appreciation from the Radio-Television News Directors Association. 

Later, he joined WCVB television and served there from 2000-2003. Hereafter, he joined ABC News in August 2003 and still continues here as their lead anchor.

Also, he covers their breaking news and special event coverage which was previously done by GMA anchor George Stephanopoulos until 2020. 

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Throughout his career as an anchor, he was accoladed with numerous honors and awards. This includes the Associated Press’ Best Enterprise Reporting and Best Television Interview for his efforts as both an anchor and a reporter.

Is David Muir Gay?

From such a rumor being circulated, it’s clear that not only actors, but even any renowned personality will be the target of sexual rumors. And this was no different for this handsome anchor who is in his late forties.  

David Muir Gay

At the beginning of his career as an anchor, Muir must haven’t received any sexuality speculations. Now, only that he has become popular, he has to face all these.

Just like any other man, he was also believed homosexual until 2014, when a dating rumor started circulating between the anchor and Gio Benitez.

But later, it was disclosed that Benitez was in a relationship with his boyfriend Tommy DiDario.   

Although many gay rumors were going around the anchor, there is no evidence that clarifies whether he is gay.

He is very private about his life and as a result, anything that states him gay is unknown to the public.

Also, he keeps a low profile life and keeps his personal things including his love life and sexuality away from the limelight even though the rumors are firing up.

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