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Kathy Griffin to play lesbian activist on "Law & Order: SVU"

“My Life on the D-List” star Kathy Griffin, a longtime friend of the LGBT community, will be playing a lesbian activist on tonight's episode of NBC’s “Law & Order: SVU.”

The comedienne will play a rare dramatic role, which was written especially for her.

In the episode, Griffin will appear as Babs Duffy, a longtime activist who works with the SVU after a lesbian is found dead.

Duffy kisses SVU Detective Benson (Mariska Hargitay) during the episode. Christopher Meloni, who plays SVU Detective Stabler, is no stranger to same-sex kissing himself as any fan of “Oz” will recall.

The role of Babs Duffy was penned by the show’s executive producer, Neal Baer, who apparently was wowed by Griffin as she hosted the Creative Arts Emmys last fall. Although he did not meet Griffin at that time, he promised to write the funny lady a part that could get her an Emmy nomination in a dramatic role.

Griffin has been touting the role on her Facebook account. She describes Babs Duffy as a “white, lesbian Al Sharpton.”

To prepare for the role, Griffin said she practiced her lines with Liza Minnelli (who will appear on “D-List” in the coming season) and Hargitay.

"I was so nervous about getting my character right that the last thing I gave a (bleep) about was kissing a girl," Griffin said. "When it came to the actual kiss, I kind of don't remember it. I'd love to sit here and say her lips are soft, but you'd have to ask Babs."