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GetEQUAL activists protest in Las Vegas against Sen. Harry Reid and ENDA inaction

LAS VEGAS – GetEQUAL activists blocked traffic on busy Las Vegas Boulevard early Tuesday afternoon to protest Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s inaction on passing the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA).

More than a dozen activists were expected to participate, according to GetEQUAL.

The activists carried a banner that read “REID: No One Can Do More? GetEQUAL.com.” Other protesters carried signs that said “I can still be fired for who I am” and banners reading “REID: PASS ENDA NOW!”

In a symbolic gesture, the activists chose to show their civil disobedience near the Statue of Liberty monument outside the New York, New York hotel and casino.

The activists were expecting arrests to be made, but more than 10 minutes of blocking traffic occurred before five police officers arrived on bicycles and they were unable to persuade the protesters to free the traffic.

But police reinforcements arrived, and the arrests began. At least eight have been detained, including Lt. Dan Choi and GetEQUAL activist Robin McGehee of Fresno.

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