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VIDEO: Adam Lambert and his mom get PFLAG award in LA



LOS ANGELES – Pop star Adam Lambert and his mom, Leila Lambert, were honored Sunday night at the second annual PFLG National LA Event.

The native San Diegans gave warm, funny and touching speeches after receiving the unusually-shaped award. The inverted triangle, a symbol representing the LGBT community, was given to Lambert. The heart, a symbol representing the love of family who supports their LGBT children, was given to Lambert’s mom. When combined, the two pieces create the PFLAG logo.

Lambert praised his mom for being so accepting and supportive of his being gay, adding that he has been out since age 18. He noted that he came from a liberal and progressive family, and that many LGBT children don’t have it so lucky.

“It’s really exciting to know that there are people that help support the parents as well, because it is a tough thing,” Lambert said.

Leila Lambert told the PFLAG audience that she suspected her son was gay long before he came out, but was counseled to let him discover who he was on his own. She thanked PFLAG for providing support and camaraderie to parents who learn they have gay children.

“I really feel like we are in this together. It takes all of us to do this,” she said. “We really need to be supportive. We as straight people, we as gay people, we all need to be together on this. It really makes a huge difference.”

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