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Apartment complexes in San Diego could become smoke free



Smoking in apartments and condos in the city of San Diego could be banned if a proposed ordinance becomes official.

The proposal, which was recently reviewed in a City Council committee, would give non-smoking tenants the power to make their living environments smoke-free. Right now, landlords have the choice to designate their rental properties smoke-free under a state law that was enacted Jan. 1.

Under the new idea, renters bothered by a smoking neighbor would need to submit a written complaint with proof to their landlords. The landlord must take reasonable steps to stop the smokers with up to three verbal warnings, and if needed, a written warning. The last resort could be eviction of the offender.

Local community organizer Manuel Andrade, with the nonprofit Social Advocates for Youth, leads the task force that authored the suggested ordinance. The proposal, he said, is intended to help renters who are impacted regularly by smoke fumes through windows and air vents, and around common areas.

Read the full story from UT San Diego HERE.

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