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Lesbian couple weds in Oaxaca after Mexico’s high court ruling



OAXACA, Mexico — Two lesbians last week made history in Oaxaca by becoming the first same-sex couple to marry after Mexico’s Supreme Court ruled that the state’s marriage law was unconstitutional.

The Oaxaca Front for the Respect and Recognition of Sexual Diversity, which was a party to the legal challenge to the high court, said the two women got married on March 22 during a private ceremony.

Mexico City, one of the world’s largest metropolitan areas, also has legalized marriage equality.

The high court ruled last December that Oaxaca’s marriage law was unconstitutional because it limited the ceremony to a man and a woman with the goal to “perpetuate the species.”

The two women, who got married, had sued the state government along with two other gay couples, and after Oaxaca rejected their claim, the three couples then appealed to the Supreme Court.

The high court ruling is expected to lead to a landslide of lawsuits in Mexico’s individual states, starting a domino effect in knocking down the discriminatory laws state by state.

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