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Gay couple face life-altering drama shortly after taping “Say Yes To The Dress” | VIDEO



(Editor’s note: The “Say Yes To The Dress: Bridesmaids” episode titled “Falling Apart At The Seams” debuts at 6:30 pm PDT Friday on TLC and will be repeated at 8:30 pm Friday and on future dates.)

Michael Ivy and Chris Gage, a gay couple from Kennesaw, Ga., will be featured tonight in a new episode of TLC’s hit show “Say Yes To The Dress: Bridesmaids,” during which the lovebirds will spar over how to dress their groomsmaids.

Their little disagreement over dress styles and colors on the popular reality-TV series pales in contrast to the real-life drama that has engulfed the young couple since they returned from their honeymoon in April.

The newlyweds will be watching the TLC show from a rehabilitation hospital in Atlanta, where Chris appears to be making a remarkable recovery from life-threatening injuries suffered in May when his Chevrolet was T-boned by another vehicle that was speeding 72 mph down a city street at the time of impact.

Michael tells San Diego Gay & Lesbian News that the love of his life, who is a coach with the famed Stingray cheerleading community in Marietta, Ga., nearly died in the horrific accident.

“Chris was in a car accident on May 13 and suffered severe brain damage,” Michael said. “Doctors didn’t think he would live overnight. They thought he would die. But he kept beating the odds. He was in a coma for two weeks … but eventually a light seemed to switch on in his brain and his personality started to return.

“It is a miracle that Chris is still with us,” said Michael, who has been at Chris’ bedside throughout the ordeal. “He is now in rehab at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta and is learning how to talk and how to walk again.”

Michael said he and Chris will be watching Friday’s episode of “Say Yes To The Dress” from Chris’ room at the rehab hospital.

Michael’s love for Chris is quite obvious as he emotionally describes how their “honeymoon period” was suddenly shattered.

“The most important thing in my life was ripped away from me in just a moment,” Michael said, his voice breaking. “I’ve been by his side all along. He is now able to tell me he loves me, so I know his feelings are still there.”

Friends quickly created a “Prayers for Chris Gage” page on Facebook, which now has 2,978 likes, and post photos and updates on Chris’ medical condition and progress.

Michael and Chris, who have been together for three years, got engaged last year during a Labor Day weekend trip to a beach. Michael, 25, popped the question to Chris, 30, who said yes. Even though Georgia bans same-gender marriage, they got hitched during a commitment ceremony on April 6 at a bed-and-breakfast in Statesboro, Ga., a small town northwest of Savannah. They were surrounded by family and friends — and six groomsmaids and two best men.

TLC had found the Georgia couple via Facebook after Michael had submitted their story to an online bridal website, and the producers asked them to appear on the hit series, “Say Yes To The Dress,” Michael said.

Considering the near tragedy that has befallen the couple, Michael now downplays the couple’s disagreement about how to dress their groomsmaids. Originally they wanted to do a beach theme for their ceremony: Michael said he wanted coral and turquoise dresses for the women, but Chris wanted something more contemporary.

After ditching the beach theme, the couple decided on a more traditional ceremony and Michael got his wish to include turquoise along with white and gray colors.

What won’t be shown on Friday’s episode is the horrible ordeal that the couple has endured since the taping of the show.

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