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Council leaders repeat call for Mayor Bob Filner to resign

SAN DIEGO – The scandals involving Mayor Bob Filner are hampering city business and damaging San Diego’s reputation, according to two leaders of the City Council.

Council President Todd Gloria and Councilmember Kevin Faulconer spoke at a news conference at noon outside City Hall and outlined their concerns about how the scandals have impacted the City of San Diego.

Gloria described a “shroud of shame” that hangs over City Hall as the scandals mount for Mayor Filner. Gloria said City Council members are investigating issues involving the sexual harassment allegations, the costly trip to Paris, the pension board and the developer permits.

Faulconer said the City has “lost credibility” in San Diego, Sacramento and Washington, making it difficult to attract businesses that might be wondering whether the rules will be followed – an allusion to the “pay for play” allegations involving developer permits.

Gloria said the city did not have a staff problem. Faulconer echoed that theme, saying that the “city had a leadership problem.”

San Diego recently switched to a “strong mayor” government, meaning that the mayor is the top figure in local government. Having a mayor hamstrung by scandal means that the city has a problem, the two leaders stressed.

Faulconer said he wanted to assure residents that “the people’s business will get done at City Hall” and that “we will get through this.”

Both leaders repeated their call for Mayor Filner to resign for the best interests of the residents of San Diego.

Faulconer accused Mayor Filner of refusing to resign because “his ego is more important that the best interests of the city.”

“A supermajority of the City Council wants Mayor Filner to resign,” Faulconer said.

This was the first of two news conferences regarding the Mayor Filner scandals. At 12:30 pm, prominent attorney Gloria Allred of Los Angeles will introduce her newest client, one of the women who have accused Mayor Filner of sexual harassment. Allred said she will discuss the lawsuit she and her client are preparing to file against the City of San Diego and Mayor Filner. Allred said she and her client will address the media, and her client will reveal her identity.