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San Diego City Council votes unanimously to authorize lawsuit against Mayor Bob Filner

SAN DIEGO – The City Council voted unanimously today to file a cross-complaint against Mayor Bob Filner, who has been accused by at least seven women of sexual harassment and sued by one of them.

The lawsuit seeks to indemnify San Diego taxpayers for all damages that the City may be required to pay related to the case of Irene McCormack Jackson v. City of San Diego.

The City Council met in closed session with the City Attorney before casting the vote.

“Bob Filner can’t pay back San Diegans for the damage he’s done to our city’s reputation, but he can and should repay the City if there are any taxpayer costs as a result of this lawsuit,” City Councilmember Kevin Faulconer said.

Tonight, the City Council will again meet in a closed session with the City Attorney to consider Mayor Filner’s request for the City to pay for his legal defense. City Council President Todd Gloria told local media Monday night that he opposes the mayor’s request.