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Hypnotist Dominick DeCarlo is mezmerizing at the Welk | VIDEO

SAN DIEGO -- Dominick DeCarlo’s story is one of being in the right place at the right time – on more than a few occasions. Through twists of what can only be called fate, DeCarlo found recognition as the creator and star of the HYPNOVIDEO™ show, which is playing San Diego through April 23.

Consider, for example, his first performance as a hypnotist. In 2007, DeCarlo was shadowing a Tucson, Ariz.-based hypnotist during her six-week stint in Cancun, Mexico, when she was unexpectedly called back to the States. Her expected replacement, who was to continue mentoring DeCarlo, ran into a few legal speed bumps that prevented him from crossing the border.

With only a few weeks of training under his belt and some notes from his instructor, DeCarlo had one day to prepare for his first show – a show that took place at the Moon Palace, the largest resort in Latin America. His first live, onstage hypnotism was to take place in front of audience of 3,000.

What happened next was a testament to DeCarlo’s charisma, charm and apparent knack for the science of hypnotism. With no planted audience members or shills, the San Diego resident successfully hypnotized a stage full of people, their goose bumps and shivers confirming the fact that he had mentally shipped them to Antarctica despite the sweltering Mexican heat.

DeCarlo went on to become the top billed performer at the Moon Palace for nine months, outselling even the fan-favorite Michael Jackson impersonator.

Flash forward to present day. Liberating himself from the lowbrow connotations of this art form, DeCarlo’s HYPNOVIDEO™ brand of hypnosis has revolutionized the industry, taking it to an artistic and educational level. He takes pride in smashing all the stereotypes about hypnosis: No audience members clucking like chickens or barking like dogs. His shows weave story lines with sound effects, mesmerizing lighting with video content. The show is so unique, in fact, that it caught the eye (and backing) of former Guns N’ Roses manager Doug Goldstein.

The HYPNOVIDEO™ show is a multilevel experience, providing two shows at the same time. There are the lucky participants, who get to experience DeCarlo’s hypnosis and suggestion; then there are the viewers, for whom a multimedia show is created to mimic the psychological experience of the hypnotized.

Catch the show on Wednesdays through March at Welk Resorts Theatre.

The details

“Hypnovideo” plays through April 23 at Welk Resorts Theatre San Diego, 8860 Lawrence Welk Drive, Escondido.

Wednesday nights at 7 pm (excluding Feb. 26 and March 26).

Tickets: (888) 802-7469 or HERE.