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List of 25 most influential women in San Diego's history includes some from LGBT community

SAN DIEGO -- At least four women from the LGBT community appear on 10 News' list of "25 most influential women in San Diego's history" released today.

The list, which was put together after accepting nominations from 10 News viewers and readers, includes artists, philanthropists, elected officials, and other women who have shaped the lives of San Diegans.

On the list are the following 25 women.

Joan Kroc

Maureen O'Connor

Susan Golding

Gloria Johnson

Rita Sanchez

Beverly Yip

Lucy Killea

Helen Hawkins

Ellen Scripps

Li Rong Cheng

Judith Munk

Constance Carroll

Sally Ride

Donna Frye

Katherine Sessions

Tracy Jarman

Eileen Ochoa

Veronica Froman-Blue

Linda Lang

Shirley Weber

Gloria Penner

Joan Embery

Makeda Dread Cheatom

Bonnie Dumanis

Shelley Zimmerman

Bios and additional information about the women selected are HERE.