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First same-sex marriage in Mexican state of Sonora performed today

SAN LUIS RIO COLORADO, Sonora Mexico -- The first same-sex marriage in the Mexican state of Sonora was performed at a wedding this morning, reports El Imparcial. The wedding was held in the city of San Luis Río Colorado, which is about 25 miles south of Yuma, Arizona.

The wedding was held in a private home, to which Civil Registry officials had agreed to be driven to without knowing the destination in advance.

The report notes that the female couple is around 27 years old, and were financially unable to pay for legal complaint against the state, nor could they afford to travel to Mexico City where same-sex marriage is legal. The lawyer who won the case for them worked for free on the legal challenge, which has set precedent in the sate.

"We didn't charge them a dime and we won't for other couples either," said lawyer Víctor Acosta Cid of Cid and Associates. "But certainly for the first case, we didn't charge them, with an eagerness to win a human-rights triumph. The goal was to lay the necessary precedent so that in Sonora there would not be discussion of whether [same-sex marriage] is appropriate or not."