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Nation’s first-ever LGBT Craft Beer Crawl coming to Hillcrest

SAN DIEGO, California – Hillcrest Brewing Company, the world’s first gay brewery, will make history again by presenting the nation’s first LGBT Craft Beer Crawl next month.

The event will be from 3-6 pm Saturday, May 9.

The crawl, anticipated to be an annual affair, will feature 12 restaurants in the 92103 ZIP code that carry craft beers on tap throughout the year. This crawl will help educate the LGBT community on the booming craft beer scene that continues to grow in San Diego and the restaurants that carry these brews. San Diego is quickly developing an international reputation as a craft beer capital.

The idea behind the new event came from Hillcrest Brewing Company’s marketing director Lukas Volk and distribution manager Chris Daigneau. Before Lukas started working for the company, he says he was pretty intimidated by beer. After working for the company for over two years, Lukas said has discovered his love for San Diego’s craft beer community.

“If you would have asked me two years ago about anything having to do with craft beer, I would have given you a blank stare and asked if you had a vodka cran,” Lukas said. “Now I can’t imagine a week without a solid brew from Modern Times or HBC or any of the other amazing breweries that San Diego has to offer.”


Ticket proceeds will benefit the Hillcrest Business Association’s general fund for the new Pride Plaza expansion at the intersection of Normal Street and University Avenue.

General admission tickets will provide crawlers with a sample of beer at each restaurant location, a sampler mug and a passport guide with information on the local scene. For pricing, a full listing of restaurants, tickets and more information about the crawl, visit the website or Facebook.