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Ohio radio station's billboard parodying Caitlyn Jenner is removed

Ohio Disc Jockey and born again Christian, Denny Schaffer multiplied his advertising by thousands this week.

The radio host, in order to promote his morning show, erected a billboard of himself mocking Caitlyn Jenner’s now famous Vanity Fair cover.

The giant signage showed Schaffer in drag impersonating Jenner with the tagline:

“TRANSITION to Star 105… and don’t call me Caitlyn.”

Star 105 is an affiliate of the Cumulus Broadcasting network, the second largest owner and operator of AM and FM radio stations in the United States.

Equality Toledo and Change.org were not pleased with the mockery and called on the public to help take the billboard down, which is exactly what happened earlier this morning.

Schaffer still defends the ad saying in an ABC 13 interview that the joke was in good taste.

“She should be fair game like everybody else,” he said. “Right? She’s a celebrity, and we did a tastefully done parody. We didn’t mock her make up. There’s a lot of things we could have done to make her look ridiculous. We did the best job we could to parody the magazine cover.“

Change.org has started a petition to fire the controversial morning DJ for his irreverence, claiming that he refuses to perform at gay weddings for fear that it would appear to everyone that he supports the LGBT lifestyle.

The billboard now stands blank on Monroe Street in Toledo, but it has been rented by Star 105 for 30 days, which means something will most likely replace "Caitlyn" within the week.