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The KKK in Florida deliver flyers to neighborhoods calling for “gay bashing”



The bad part of American history is slowly making a comeback as the “Loyal White Knights of the KKK,” are trying to re-energize their efforts of fear and intimidation.

The group has recently started dispersing flyers around Jacksonville FL., calling for like-minded intolerant supporters to “gay bash” people.

The Legislative Director at Jacksonville coalition of Equality, Jimmy Midyette, posted a picture of one of the handouts on his Facebook page, saying the flyers are beginning to show up at the homes of LGBT people.

“This is an unfortunate consequence of our recent success,” he writes. “Both with marriage equality and the progress we’re making on equality in Jacksonville, we sadly can expect the vocal minority to freak out.”

Jacksonville news service, News4Jax, reports that many neighborhoods are starting to get the leaflets, sparking a police investigation.

One upset resident, Kelly Ramdial, said she witnessed them being tossed at the homes of her Mandarin neighborhood.

“I saw a truck go by, throwing things in people’s yards and saw what it was,” Rimdial told News4Jax , “and it was extremely offensive. A flyer asking people to join the KKK. We were worried at first, because we’re an interracial couple and didn’t know if we were being targeted.”

An article published last year on 13WMAZ and reported by PinkNews focused on one KKK chapter in Montana which seemed to be welcoming of LGBT people inside the group.

Founder of that group, John Abarr says that his chapter is an example of the reformed extremist club, one which now is free of judgment to all interested individuals.

“The KKK is for a strong America,” Abarr said. “White supremacy is the old Klan. This is the new Klan.”

The flyers being distributed throughout Florida appear to not follow Abarr’s concept and may be illegal to distribute.

Safety Analyst Gil Smith of News4Jax said that the flyers may violate a statute in which it is unlawful to further the interest of a criminal gang. He said the KKK may be guilty of violating that law by delivering the flyers.

San Diego has had a sordid past with the KKK. In the Journal of San Diego History, the county with its proximity to the Mexican border, had “one of the strongest chapters in the country” as recently as 1989.

Timothy Rawles is Community Editor of SDGLN. He can be reached at [email protected], @reporter66 on Twitter, or by calling toll-free to 888-442-9639, ext. 713.

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