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Two Queen’s Guard men forced to rape each other, posted to social media



Two male Queen’s Guard recruits were allegedly forced to engage in sexual acts with each other as a form of initiation. The whole thing was caught on camera according to The Sun.

The recordings were then posted to WhatsApp and Snapchat and sent through emails and eventually were posted to Facebook.
The victims who have not been identified are aged 23 and 28.

The incident happened at the Pirbright Barracks in Surrey last September, after the two young men had returned from their seven months of training and having completed their inaugural assignments at The Tower of London.

Once at Pirbright, they were assigned to Battery Two, also known as the ‘Gay Company’ according to a source from The Sun.

“They were welcomed in and greeted by a lot of the lads who were older and more senior, said the source. “They were made to feel part of the group after their first week with 2 Company and felt like they were fitting in.”

“It was a Sunday night and Wales were playing Uruguay in the Rugby World Cup.

“They were told to grab a shower and head upstairs to a TV room where they could see the game and have a few beers.”

But there is no way they would have expected what was about to happen.”

The two recruits were taken to a television room where others were watching the match. After the game concluded, things began to turn uncomfortable as they were asked to strip and have sex with each other. They were told they would be bullied if they did not comply.

“It was totally out of control and the older and more senior guys were obviously ordering them to do what they did,” the source said, “The two guys must both have been terrified.”

The next morning the torture continued as footage from the incident had been passed around to the entire Company, the two lads were subject to antipathy and shame.

“They were mocked for being gay, although they were forced into the acts. It was horrific and worse than anything I have ever known in the Army.”

Word of the incident eventually reached the Regimental Sergeant Major, who spoke to the victims in private, after which a spokesman for the Army did not deny the allegations:

“We can confirm an incident did take place and details were referred to the Royal Military Police for an initial investigation. No allegations of coercive or criminal behaviour were made. However this behaviour is unacceptable and administrative action was taken against those present, with disciplinary measures taken against one individual.”

Six of the assailants have been punished, and one of the victims has remained at Pirbright. The other assaulted man is waiting to be discharged due to psychological stress.

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