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Deaf lesbian couple who were attacked with a bat: ‘We’re scared to walk the streets’



DESERT HOT SPRINGS, Ca. – The deaf lesbian couple who were beaten with a baseball bat in Desert Hot Springs on March 22, have come forward to SDGLN to voice concerns about their safety and to thank the community for their support.

Deanna (Dee), 37, and Cathren (Cat), 30, are recovering from injuries they received on Tuesday when suspect Shaunda Lane allegedly became upset because she didn’t understand the women’s sign language.

Dee and Cat used hand signing to ask Lane to leave their property, but were attacked by Lane with a baseball bat according to a police report.

Lane is currently behind bars facing attempted murder charges. Local police say they are not investigating the case as a hate crime.

Since the attack the women have been trying to get their lives back in order and the community has rallied together to help them. A Go Fund Me account has been set up to help the couple recover financially.

“I really would like to thank the supporters who are my family and deaf friends, even deaf teachers, even hearing friends, also hearing families…who already knew who we are, for rest of our lives,” said Dee in the letter to SDGLN.

Both Dee and Cat suffered severe injuries; Dee a broken hand and concussion.

A Good Samaritan who only wishes to be identified as Team Mom has stepped in to help the couple as they recover from shock.

Dee is grateful to Team Mom and her continued support, “Team Mom (has) been checking on us almost every day to see if we (are) doing ok, and bring everything that we need. We love her so much. We thank…GOD every day for her,” wrote Cat.

After the attack, the couple’s apartment was broken into and their cellphones and other items were stolen or vandalized. Dee expressed some of the things that the donations will go toward. She says they are very scared of living in Desert Hot Springs now and they need money to move.

Additionally they need help with, “medical bills which my Medi-Care isn’t good; have to transfer from Indiana to…California. Transportations; with no car which during night time is not safe to walk and things were missing at home when it was robbed.”

Team Mom opened up her apartment to the couple after their attack and Dee is very grateful for her kindness.

“Team Mom has made sure that we have food, clothes money etc…… we love that there are people like her in the world,” she writes. “Team Mom lives in a small apartment and still took us in for our safety. She does so much to have so little. Thanks Team Mom for accepting us for who we are. I’m honored to have my Team Mom. Many thanks.”

Team Mom is asking for help within the deaf and LGBT communities to aid these women in getting their lives back in order.

“My city has two deaf females that were beaten within inches of their life with a baseball bat and robbed,” Team Mom writes to SDGLN. “They don’t have anything now! Can you help make them feel beautiful again? Contact the community and a few others you may know. To help support the deaf victims to get back on their feet.”

Dee says they are still anxious about their assailant, and worry about her getting released from jail.

“We are still not feeling safe completely because we heard Shaunda (Lane) is trying to act like she is not guilty for attempted murder,” she writes. “Need (to) talk to detective this Monday to make sure she stays in prison with no bail.”

You can help Deanna and Cathren with donations through their Go Fund Me page HERE.

Locals can bring donations to the Desert Hot Springs UPS store located at 14080 Palm Drive, Desert Hot Springs, CA 92240. (760) 329-2309

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