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Citizens turn out en mass to donate blood for the Orlando victims



The Orlando Sentinel is reporting that blood donors who have showed up in response to the mass shooting which killed 50 people and wounded many more, are being asked to return in the coming week.

Blood donation centers are at capacity and walk up donors are asked to come back, “I’ve been here 13 years and never seen a response like this,” said Pat Michaels, a spokesman for OneBlood. “”The sentiment is understood and appreciated, but it’s a little too much, too soon,” he adds.

Some donation centers around the city have lines of people stretching around the block.

There is a strong need for blood types O positive, O negative and AB Positive.

Many citizens who were not a part of the shootings are showing up to support the wounded.

“We’re all made of the same stuff, flesh and bone and blood,” said Micah James to the Orlando Sentinel.

“I wanted, as best as I could, help out without getting in the way,” said another concerned citizen.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration in December relaxed rules for gay and bisexual men to give blood.

However, OneBlood has not updated their policies and are not accepting men who say they are gay and sexually active.

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