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Hillcrest/Mission Hills is getting a new high-end supermarket



The small strip mall located on Washington Street, between Dove and Brant Streets on the cusp of Mission Hills, is getting a new supermarket.

The space which was once home to Albertsons and the since defunct Haggen, has been sitting empty for nearly a year.

Rumors have been circulating that Southern California grocery chain Bristol Farms (once owned by Albertsons) would be taking over the location and SDGLN has confirmed through a representative of that company that it is true.

Matt Turnbull of Good Food Holdings, the company which represents Bristol Farms says a new store could open as soon as summer 2017.

Good Food Holdings represents three large retail foods chains: Bristol Farms, Metropolitan Market and Lazy Acres Natural Market.

However, Turnbill says they are not announcing which market, either Bristol Farms or Lazy Acres will take over the site at this time.

Either way, the store would have to compete with all-inclusive Von’s located just across the street.

Bristol Farms is an upscale gourmet grocery store which caters to people who prefer natural and organic foods. 

Lazy Acres, owned by Bristol Farms, is an extension of that format, but also offers a wide variety of health supplements, eco-friendly merchandise and body care products. 

For now, Von’s is the closest grocery retail market in the Mission Hills area, with Trader Joe’s and Ralph’s located at The Hub in Hillcrest, over two miles to the east. 

Whole Foods which caters to the similar organic and gourmet shopper is a little bit closer on University Avenue.

Bristol Farms or Lazy Acres would give Mission Hills and the western-most Hillcrest residents a more natural and organic food choice within walking or biking distance.

“We are eager to be in these neighborhoods,” Turnbull said.

Bristol Farms has 12 outlets in Southern California and one in San Francisco. 

If Lazy Acres were to open at that location, it would only be third to do so as that brand; the others being operated in Santa Barbara and Long Beach. 

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