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Stephen Whitburn of San Diego Pride dismissed



Word is coming through SDGLN from a reliable source that  Executive Director of San Diego Pride Stephen Whitburn is no longer with the organization.

Several sources have told SDGLN that Whitburn was asked to step aside, although we are not able to confirm this through San Diego Pride after multiple e-mail attempts.

However one reliable source close to the organization has confirmed that Whitburn has been let go. 

The source also says that the staff stood by Whitburn. 

A special meeting was held on Sept. 7, where the entire staff asked the board to reinstate Whitburn. 

There will be a national search to replace Whitburn in the coming months the source added. 

We also discovered that the San Diego Pride website no longer lists Whitburn’s name as Executive Director.

Another source says this happened Wednesday at the board meeting where Whitburn told others he was leaving. 

We contacted co-founder of Pride Commissioner Nicole Murray-Ramirez to see if he had any knowledge of Whitburn’s dismissal he said, “Yes, I am aware of the current situation concerning the Executive Director Stephen Whitburn leaving Pride. I believe Stephen Whitburn was an outstanding representtive of Pride and was always out in the community promoting Pride and giving visibilty to the Pride organization.” 

Whitburn, originally from Wisconsin, moved to San Diego 16 years ago and in 2013 took over director duties at Pride.

Being Executive Director, Whitburn’s responsibilites included helping to organize the music festival, the pride parade and other LGBT events. 

SDGLN will update this story as more information becomes available. 

San Diego Gay and Lesbian News has always had a positive relationship with Whitburn and we wil bring you more information as it is updated.

[UPDATE – Sept. 10, 2016. It was previously reported to us that there were two Boards who asked Whitburn to step down; an old and new one. 

SDGLN has discovered from a source close to the organization that it was in fact the same group. The Pride Board of 12 voted on Aug. 17 and agreed to dismiss Whitburn. After that decision four members left, leaving only eight. 

A special meeting with staff was then held with the remaining eight on Sept. 7 asking the Board to reinstate Whitburn, but to no avail.

This article has been updated and the previous information removed.]

SDGLN is dedicated to bringing you the most accurate information as it happens, however no one from either side of the issue is willing to go on record at this time. SDGLN has reached out to San Diego Pride officials, but they have yet to respond. 

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