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Only gay bar in Portland ME closing after three decades



The Advocate once ranked Portland, ME number eight in their list of the “gayest” cities in America.

However, this January their one and only gay nightclub called “Styxx” will shutter its doors.

“We don’t have the crowd we used to,” said owner Joshua Moody.

Some people are claiming that LGBT nightclubs are becoming extinct because younger patrons are feeling welcomed and accepted in mainstream nightspots, making LGBT establishments obsolete.

“We never really got the younger gay generation that needs the gay club as much as the older one did,” said Moody.

“Styxx” has been in business for decades in downtown Portland.

DJ Chris O’Connor said he feels sad about the closure, it was like a second home to him after moving to Maine 18-years ago. He said that business was declining at the bar, but the news about its closure was devastating.

“We actually sat around and cried,” said O’Connor. “It’s been a part of our lives for so long.”

Historic gay bars across America have been steadily becoming extinct. For instance, San Francisco’s oldest gay bar “The Gangway” is facing closure and its popular lesbian bar “The Lexington” closed in 2015.

One of the most recognized and revered LGBT spots, New York’s The Stonewall Inn, became a national landmark this past June, saving it for generations to come.

“I think there are other ways people are finding community,” said Matt Moonen, executive director of Equality Maine said about the rash of gay bar deaths.

He says it’s great to see inclusion within the gay/straight community, but as municipalities becomes more integrated, their byproduct is comprised of abandoned LGBT bars and clubs.

Moonen adds the closing of The Styxx, is, “one of the side effects of that.”

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