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Texas bill seeks to allow LGBT discrimination throughout entire state



Texas reactionary Sen. Bob Hall does not want the Lone Star State to enforce laws that ban specific discriminations against certain groups.

Hall would rather have the entire state follow the same non-discrimination laws that would prohibit a municipality from to creating protections for the LGBT community.

In other words, a Texas municipality would not be able to adopt a law which protects LGBT people and also not be required to enforce such legislation already in place.

The senator filed Senate Bill 92 (SB 92), an initiative that would prohibit anyone from creating “a local law that creates a protected classification or prohibits discrimination on a basis not contained in the laws of this state,” according to The New Civil Rights Movement.

Sexual orientation and gender identity are not included in Texas state law, therefore SB 92 would forbid them from enforcing any anti-LGBT non-discrimination ordinances.

Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Fort Worth and Plano, currently have ordinances which protect the LGBT community, however if SB 92 becomes law with a passage of two-thirds vote it would remove those protections and businesses would be able to discriminate on sexual orientation and gender.

Hall’s initiative will not go smoothly against the Texas Association of Business (TAB). They say that anti-LGBT discrimination laws would cost the state up to $8.5 billion in revenue and loss of tens-of-thousands of jobs. 

Hall is strong Constitutional conservative who has strong religious beliefs. 

In March 2016 he blasted Common Core, a set of guidelines used across the nation in public schools:

Some of the goals of the group behind the Common Core liberal agenda include: the creation of racism offenses, teaching homosexuality is normal behavior to children, acceptance of a liberal immigration policy designed to destroy identity, and the encouragement of the breakdown of the family. In the further quest to humanize the curriculum used in our schools, Common Core standards label the Bible as ‘off limits’ in the classroom and schools are forced focus on a toxic worldview devoid of a supreme loving God.

Hall pre-filed SB 92 today in anticipation of the upcoming Texas Legislature session which convenes in January. 

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