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Meet ‘The Resizters,’ San Diego’s new protest song cover band



There is a new music movement in San Diego which will collaborate with local organizations to fight for human and women’s rights, “and everything the current administration is trying to destroy.”

They are called “The Resizters: A Protest Song Cover Band,” and they mean business. Enough so that they are not asking for any money, just that people get active and take a stand against the current political conditions. 

The Resizters are made up of Stacey Humphries (lead vocals), Laura Payne (bass and vocals),  Jeff Musserm (lead guitar and vocals) and  Melanie Peters on rhythm guitar and vocals. 

Peters has always been an active voice in the San Diego community. She is a member of the National Organization of Women and last month she was asked to be emcee for over 40,000 people at the Women’s March on San Diego.

She tells San Diego Gay and Lesbian News the idea to start the band was born from an epiphany she had about our society which currently seems helpless. 

“The frustration and feeling of having no control over my government,”  said Peters, “and hearing no voices from leaders that I feel should be screaming and shaking down the entire regime that has taken over our lives, and seeing Facebook post after post that feels helpless, depressed, extremely frightened, and still there is a lack of direction on how we fight back.”

The singer asked herself what she could do in the community that would be the most impactful. The answer was to use her talents to create something bigger than she, providing the community with everlasting support.

“I took me exactly three hours to call the musicians I thought of to join me,” she said. “And within twenty-four hours were a unit. All willing to donate their time.”

This new formation, Peters says, is something essential to San Diego’s voice of equality.  

“We’ve never been more needed, and I hope that our message gets out immediate so that we can be of service all over San Diego, supporting organizations and events that are in the planning stages.”

For more information on “The Resizters” click HERE

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