Venezuelan professor allegedly beaten by police for being trans

A disturbing report of transgender abuse is coming out of South America today.

on January 31, according to a leading Venezuelan LGBT group, a trans man, Sam Seijas and his daughter were physically and verbally abused outside the police station from which they had just emerged.

Seijas, a professor, and his 23-year-old daughter Aleska (pictured left)  had just met with officers to file a grievance for something that happened inside their residence reports Gay Star News.

As they were leaving the Poliaragua police headquarters in Calicanto, Seijas says an unidentified officer came up behind him and hit him on the right side of his head, knocking him into a parked motorbike.

According to Asociación Civil Venezuela Igualitaria (ACVI), a group of officers held him down and began a collective assault.    

Seijas’ daughter tried to intervene but was hit in the face by the first officer.

“Can you take it as a man?” was allegedly heard as the attack took place.

Dragged by her hair back into the station, Aleska put up protest but to no avail, and her dad was then humiliated by police.

Commander Jhonny Hernandez is also being accused of making physical threats, “[you should] ask God I won’t meet you alone in the streets at night.”

Graciela Seijas, the victim’s aunt, appeared as his lawyer and demanded they obey the Organic Law on the Right of Women to a Free Life of Violence.

Allegedly Commander Hernandez responded with, “Now, when you want to invoke the gender law, now you want to be a woman?”

The Venezuelan Constitution outlines the rights of an individual be protected against discrimination based on their sexual orientation.

Seijas updated his Facebook page with a post on Saturday, February 4, saying, “We’re done with the police brutality…Today was me and my daughter, tomorrow you can be you or any of your family! Let’s just say, no!”

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