Transgender girl, 11, bullied then shot with BB gun

A disturbing story from Manchester London has surfaced about that of an 11-year-old transgender girl being bullied, then shot with a B.B. gun by one of her classmates.

The British girl only being identified as “G” for safety reasons attends a Catholic school in Greater Manchester.

In the week leading up to the assault, G’s mother “A” says her daughter had to endure some relentless bullying by her classmates.

“A” says one incident in particular was very disturbing. One of the students had written “tranny” and “freak” on her workbook. They also wrote “suck your mom” and your mom’s a slag.”

“She didn’t know what the word ‘slag’ means!” A, told Gay Star News. “She was very upset by the tranny slur. That upset her extremely. I had to bring her home on Monday afternoon.”

G’s mother tried to preemptively warn the school that her daughter was being bullied in an email she sent the day before the workbook incident, but she believes that correspondence was ignored.

“Pupils have thrown water over her, spat at her, and kicked her to the ground. Not a day goes by without her being attacked, insulted or threatened with violence,” her mother said.

Then just two days after the workbook occurrence, A says her daughter was shot with a BB gun, and wasn’t immediately informed of the assault.

“On the morning G was shot, they didn’t contact me immediately. I only found out an hour and a half after it happened and that was only by accident. I was already due to be at school to discuss an earlier incident,” said the mother.

“When I arrived, she was extremely quiet, just shaking and not speaking, it was awful.”

What’s more the school had not called police.

“I told teachers something bad was going to happen. I warned them quite clearly. They weren’t acting. I just kept thinking:  ‘children have been killed by BB guns. What if it had been a knife or something else?’ Since then, G hasn’t slept properly. She’s had nightmares. She’s really scared.”

Distraught and humiliated A says her daughter, usually strong, is crumbling under the pressure.

“She came home, and said she was fed up,” A said. “She said she was going to jump off a bridge. We met with a council worker straight away. I have always said, when my daughter came out to me, my child will not be one of those who dies. She will be not one of those who kills themselves.”

A recent BBC documentary may be to blame for the increased bullying at A’s school.

“Transgender Kids: Who Knows Best?” is a controversial film in which Dr. Kenneth Zucker explains that gender dysphoria is a mental health issue and should be treated as such.

Activists ridicule Dr. Zucker’s approach to treating transgender kids, calling his methods a form of “reparative therapy.” Zucker was also fired for malpractice by an independent advisory panel. 

Whether or not there is a correlation between the airing of the documentary and G’s recent harassment and gunshot injuries remains to be seen.

The video below is a discussion on the documentary by UK LGBT activists. 

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