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‘Stripper Circus’ promoter attacked in L.A. street



The promoter for the popular San Diego Sunday night drag show Stripper Circus, Jason King, suffered a broken nose on Friday, after being attacked by a stranger on the streets of West Hollywood.  

This was a brutal end to an already pressing week.

King who lives in Los Angeles, is a photographer and drag show promoter, he comes to San Diego each Sunday to take pictures of Stripper Circus at Rich’s Nightclub, and to publicize the event.

Yesterday, on his Facebook page, above several pictures of him bloodied and bruised, King recalls his week of terrifying events, beginning with a car collision on Saturday, March 11, which he says could have ended his life.

King writes: “We were literally almost stopped for a construction site and the lady was going at a freeway speed since it was on the 5 freeway. We are very lucky to be alive, if we were on a motorcycle or not wearing our seat belts we most likely would be dead. PLEASE DON’T Drink & Drive…”

The harrowing event was only the beginning. Nearly a week later, on Friday night, things really took a turn for the worse as he says he and his friends were attacked on a city street by a stranger who wouldn’t leave them alone.

 “…a guy we didn’t know took it upon himself to join our group but not saying anything,” writes King on Facebook. “After a certain amount of time this became uncomfortable and he was asked very politely by Valentina to please not follow us.

“He said his car was parked in the same direction we were going so he was asked again politely to go ahead of us and we would wait.

“He asked us to go ahead of him instead and it went back and forth like that a couple of times until finally Valentina said we would go the other way and the guy then punched him. I went to go get the guy off of Valentina and he punched me in the nose and broke it. I spent 9 hours in the ER.”

San Diego Gay and Lesbian News asked King if he felt the attack was a hate crime,  “No I don’t think it was. He was gay, I think he was on something.” 

“More then just drunk,” he added

King says he is not posting his awful experiences over the past week too get sympathy or attention. He just wants people to, “help bring awareness and remind people of a few things that we may tend to forget can happen.”

Applauding the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Department, especially Officer Martinez, King says law enforcement went above and beyond their duties to help him and his friends after the attack.

“They only cared about our safety and capturing the guy that did that, which they did,” he writes. 

Imploring people to not drink and drive and always be aware of their surroundings, King says there is a parable to be learned. 

“Moral of the story, be responsible and be safe!!! You never know what could literally happen in a matter of seconds.”

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