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Thousands walk in San Diego for Equality March



Today the Equality March on Washington was also celebrated by over 116 cities around the country.

Right here in San Diego, thousands took to the streets from curb to curb marching through downtown heading toward the city’s administration building.

Masses of people gathered at Sixth and Juniper downtown and after Saint Paul’s Episcopal gave a blessing they headed south toward Broadway and up PCH to rally at North Harbor Drive at the County Administration Building.

The rally started at noon beginning with a moment of silence for the innocent victims of Pulse before speakers addressed the crowd.

Those speakers included Senator Toni Atkins, Assemblymember Todd Gloria, and San Diego Councilmember Chris Ward.  

Others who took to the stage were Bridget Wilson of Lambda Archives, Chef Executive Officer of RISE San Diego Dwayne Crenshaw, District nine councilmember Georgette Gomez, United Way’s Laura Coskey and AT Furaya.

People held signage which said things such as “Straight against Hate” and “Love and Let Love,” while others held Pride flags, banners and wore National Equality tee shirts. 

Assemblymember Todd Gloria the last to speak at the rally thanked organizers and the San Diego Police Department for their protection. 

He also ended by remembering the innocent victims of Pulse while addressing a question someone had asked him earlier about why people were marching.   

“Because all of this know that these hard fought rights that we have earned can be taken away from us in a moments time,” he said to the crowd.

“I think that we are out here today because one year ago 49 of our community members were taken from of us in large part because of hate.We’re out here paying a bill that was due, a promise that was made a year ago that we would never forget We’re out here because those 49 LGBT Americans cannot be here today. We are keeping our promise and we will continue to keep our promise.”

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