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‘Old Dixie Highway’ renamed after former President Obama



Riviera Beach, FL., – The crowd cheered as city workers removed the “Old Dixie Highway” sign and replaced it with a “President Barack Obama Highway” sign removing yet another remnant of the past that represents oppression and violence.

The road is a primary thoroughfare that runs through Riviera Beach FL., and was renamed in August 2015. The christening ceremony was held where the renamed street meets Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard.  

This this is the second Palm Beach road to be named after the 44th president. Another street was also renamed Barack Obama Boulevard.

According to the Greenville Gazette The Old Dixie Highway was a symbol of racism, the KKK and cross burning.

It also is reported that the road has a lot of bad memories for the African-American residents of the neighborhood. It once served as the dividing line between the white and black neighborhoods and may have been the site of KKK cross burnings.


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