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Philly unveils new Pride flag with black and brown stripes



Created by Gilbert Baker at the behest of San Francisco politician Harvey Milk, the rainbow flag, has been a symbol of gay activism for nearly forty years.

 It recently went through a slight modification in Philidelphia’s LGBT community.

A campaign to change the flag called “More Color More Pride,” asked that black and brown stripes be added to the banner to represent the non-white community.

This redesign was unveiled at the beginning of Philadelphia Pride month reports MRCTV.

Executive Director of Office of LGBT Affairs Amber Hikes applauds the revision.

“We’re proud to host this celebration for the community to come together not just for Pride, but also to reinforce our strides towards combatting discrimination within our community, honor the lives of our black and brown LGBTQ siblings, and uplift our shared commitment to diversity and inclusion within our community,” said Hikes.

She adds, “White people do not know what racism looks like, because that is not the definition of racism.”

Hikes also says that there is an assumption among gay white men that the flag already represents diversity within the community.

“If we use that logic, there should have been the same kind of pushback,” Hikes said.

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