Very disturbing flyers left in Little Italy

Mysterious and disturbing flyers are once again being left around Little Italy according to a concerned resident who found one attached his front door this past Thursday.

The makers of the circular discuss how they are “killing off the entire white race” by using poisoned-laced drugs. It even makes reference to the Holocaust and the mass killing of Jews. 

David Skelley reported the flyer on the social media site Nextdoor, asking if anyone else in the neighborhood had received the same thing. He described it as a xeroxed message in a baggie.

Skelley wrote, “We are in the heart of Little Italy in a single family house. It had a very violent and racist message along with a name and phone number to call. Wondering if we were targeted specifically or any others received this?”

Although Skelley didn’t provide a picture of the leaflet, others responded to his posting, saying they had found similar messages with the same hate speech.

Jake Sibley of Little Italy responded: “To speak frankly, the message was apparently by a Latino/Hispanic group purportedly organizing aggression against Caucasians. It seemed to be a recruitment message directed towards Latino/Hispanics. It was obviously a troll or fringe group not indicative of the general public. I’m just posting this here in case yours was the same, so you can know yours wasn’t a one-off specifically created for you.”

Some following the thread had taken pictures of the vitriolic flyer, and Skelley said it sounded like the one he found.

Jobs Jobs Jobs Jobs

We will make you rich if you join us.

We are killing off the entire white race by making them addicted to cocaine, crack, meth, spiked marijuana, ecstasy, spice, heroine, hash and other poisons, Adolph Hilter’s Nazi’s killed off six million ugly Jews by telling them to go into showers to get cleaned up for their new lives, then they locked the shower doors and poisoned them all to death with a deadly gas, and finally they grabbed all of the dead Jew’s properties.

We tell white people addictive drugs will make them feel better, then they overdose and die or kill each other trying to get more money for drugs. Or they die from the Chinese chemicals we put in the drugs. We carrying out the genocide of the white race.”

Latino Power – Viva La Raza

There are phone numbers to call listed at the bottom of the flyers, but they are to businesses such as Dustin Arms Hotel, Allied Universal Protection Services and even Uptown Church.

San Diego Gay and Lesbian News called some of the numbers listed but got no answer. 

This isn’t the first time the flyers have been distributed around the district. One user says she found one back in March, and others have come forward saying they got the same message as recently as May. 

Concerned neighbors advised Skelley to call the police and report the threat. 

San Diego Gay and Lesbian News reached out to the San Diego Police Department for comment with an attachment of the flyer. They have yet to respond. 

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