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White woman in blackface at Comic-Con causes stir among activists of color



One female Caucasian Comic-Con visitor had some attendees of color wondering why she decided to don black face in portraying her favorite Star Trek character.

An unidentified white woman dressed in costume to represent Whoopi Goldberg’s character Guinan from the legendary Star Trek series may have gone too far when she decided to darken her face to pay homage to Whoopi’s character; a member of the fictional El-Aurian race.

“I did it out of respect for a character I love, for an actress that I have great respect for,” said the woman. “I was going along with my family who are dressed up as Klingons and we are just [a] Star Trek family. I meant no disrespect to anyone.”

Although it is not captured on camera the woman is accused of saying she was representing black women at Comic-Con. 

Trans activist and social media presence Monica Roberts thinks the disguise is highly offensive. She is attending the pop culture event this weekend and posted her thoughts in a video taken by Faith Cheltenham on social media.

“Black face is never appropriate at any time or any venue,” Monica said. “My culture and my people are not a costume.”

She adds that any person who is not of color who adds makeup to their skin to represent another’s culture is not appropriate.

“It is offensive to me as an African American to see someone doing this at Comic-Con,” she said. “Especially in light of the fact that you try and justify it with the excuse that you are representing black women.”

“Klingons are black, white and Latino,” Monica adds. “There is no excuse for you as a white person to put blackface on to play a Klingon.”

During the video, the lady’s husband, also a white man in blackface as a Klingon approaches Faith and asks them to apologize for ruining his wife’s Comic-Con experience.

Faith points out that his wife is being offensive to others, “Is she a black woman?”

“No,” the husband answers, “you know who is a black woman? Whoopi Goldberg. I’ve seen Whoopi Goldberg on stage at Star Trek conventions in Las Vegas. You know what she said about people doing that? People who think it’s not cool to do that are racist.”

Another Caucasian member of the Klingon amateur family troupe then enters and apologizes to the women for his part in the situation. 

“I appreciate your apology,” says Faith who then offers an alternative makeup choice when playing a Klingon.

The conversation becomes a little more heated as Faith announces to passersby that the group is in blackface, “2017 y’all! Welcome to Comic-Con!” 

You can watch the full video HERE.

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