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Benham Brothers claim Hurricane Irma is God’s wrath for LGBT rights



Proselytizers and religious right siblings, David and Jason Benham published a video on Monday to warn people that God is taking vengeance on the American LGBT community with natural disasters.

This is all because “God is speaking,” says one, and people should start to repent for their beliefs on marriage equality, gender recognition and gay rights.

Quoting the Bible Psalm 104:4, Jason claims, “God, He makes the wind his messenger.” However he then goes on to say that the most dangerous thing is not the wind, but the storm surge.

This foreboding commentary seems to mirror their father’s, Flip Benham, who organized Operation Save America claiming that the legalization of abortion was the reason for the attacks on the World Trade Center in 2001.

They use the anniversary of that event to drive home their homophobic and transphobic points.

“One of the things we heard a lot 16 years ago was rebuild, rebuild, rebuild,” David Benham said. “But the word we didn’t hear was repent, because as a nation if you would have told us back then in 2001 that in 2017 we would be completely redefining what gender means, what marriage means, what sexuality means, people wouldn’t even be standing for the anthem, and there’d be riots and protests in our streets and white supremacists with torches in their hands, and Antifa bullying and beating people into comas, I would have said there’s no way that would happen.”

Apparently, their laundry list of sin is beginning to overtake the land, “the waters breach their boundaries.”

The metaphor gets further bolstered by David, “We see that morally and spiritually today. The boundaries that God has put out for us morally are for our flourishing and for his best in our lives.”

“And when we say that gender, there is no boundary,” he continued, “When we say that sexuality, there is no boundary. When we say that marriage can be whatever you want it to be, we are breaching the boundaries of God and we as a country on the anniversary of 9/11, sixteen years after that horrific terrorist act took place in our country, God is speaking: ‘Repent. Yes, you’ve rebuilt, but it’s time to repent.’”


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