Travis and Joseph Dasilva have been released, headed back home

It has been confirmed by San Diego Gay and Lesbian News that Travis and Joseph Dasilva are headed home to San Diego after spending over a week in a Thai jail for taking a picture with their bare backsides exposed in front of a sacred temple in Bangkok.

The couple created international headlines for the stunt and faced up to five years in Thai prison had they been convicted of additional charges including being nude in public at a religious site.

But sources close to the men and their family tell San Diego Gay and Lesbian News that the court threw out those charges and sent them back to immigration police to be processed for deportation.

Close friend Robert Rodriguez talked to Travis and Joseph on Thursday night, two days after their arrest. They told him they were doing fine, but scared.

“They are in a clean but cold cell and sleeping on the floor,” Rodriguez told us on Friday. He adds that the married couple could get word they are going home in as little as 24-hours to as long as five days, it depends on how long it will take to process them.

“They wanted me to thank everyone for their thoughts prayers and concerns,” adds Rodriguez. “They send all their love to their friends that have supported them.”

That support seemed to be lacking even polarizing the LGBT community, not only on the national front but locally.

Social media was not kind to the 38-year-olds after SDGLN broke the story, although they had many who supported their safe return, the majority frowned upon their actions. 

Their arrest was not an LGBT issue, and most agreed that the men should have known better, but the extent of the vitriol became incessant resulting in the deletion of some comments and blocking of users. 

People would probably expect the straight community to have a feeding frenzy upon hearing this news–which they did–but it was the unsupportive responses made by the LGBT community that surprised many. 

Johnathan Hale, the publisher of San Diego Gay and Lesbian News, was disheartened by the comments not only beneath our published story. but the ones on our social media pages as well. 

“Reading through a few of the comments, I was embarrassed by my own community,” said Hale.”There were comments which showed no concern for Travis’ and Joseph’s well-being.”

He adds that his publications will speak for some people in the community who can’t for whatever reason. “For those of you who find yourself in this position and lack the strength to speak up for yourself, or can’t count on your community to stand up to those tearing you down, know this: I will speak up for you, I will be your voice of reason, I will help you crawl out from under that dog pile.”

The Dasilva’s are on the way home thanks to the non-stop efforts from friends and family. 

San Diego Gay and Lesbian News will have an exclusive interview with the couple once they return. 

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