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Pastor blames CA wildfires on gay people in textbooks



A pastor in Colorado made assertions this week that the wildfires that swept through California last year were the wrath of God brought down because of gay people.

Kevin Swanson is no stranger to public homophobia, according to LGBTQ Nation, he once stated gay people should be executed.  

But 2017, “was the year of God’s judgment on the state of California,” he said. 

Apparently, his mindset derives from the 2011 FAIR Education Act which mandates that disabled and LGBT people should be included in textbooks as a part of California history.

There were 10 textbooks approved by The State Board of Education in November which mention LGBT people and their involvement with state history.

But Pastor Swanson says, these books sparked God to commit Almighty arson on California’s landscape, “It was the year that California introduced 10 textbooks into public schools that turned sodomites — that is, men from Sodom doing what men from Sodom like to do — and turning pedophiliacs and homosexuals into heroes,” he said. 

“Ten textbooks were introduced into California public schools that presented pedophiliacs and homosexuals as heroes,” he continued. “This was the year that happened. It also happened to be the year that God brought the most severe possible judgment on California.”

Of course, scientists attribute the fires not to divine intervention, but powerlines, and unseasonal Santa Ana winds that fanned the flames causing millions of dollars worth of damage and the deaths of 43 people.

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