Nicole Murray-Ramirez presents Salt Lake City with Harvey Milk street sign and sculpture

City Commissioner Nicole Murray Ramirez made a special trip to Salt Lake City, Utah last week for two historic reasons. First to present a special bust of Harvey Milk to Mayor Jackie Biskupski. And second to swap Harvey Milk street signs as Salt Lake is the only other American city to name a street after the legendary activist.

The Harvey Milk sculpture was created by artist Jonah Hendrickson whose original is on display at San Francisco’s City Hall.  Salt Lake City will follow suit and place their copy in City Hall as well.

Nicole Murray-Ramirez presented the bust to Mayor Biskupski on behalf of the International Imperial Court council of the U.S.A., Canada, and Mexico.

Equality Utah and Biskupski also received the prestigious Harvey Milk Civil Rights Award for her leadership, Ramirez calling the city, “the pride of the Rocky Mountain States.”

“To be awarded the oldest LGBTQ Civil Rights Award in the Nation is incredibly humbling,” said Biskupski as she addressed the crowd. She became emotional when presented with the special Harvey Milk Bust.

In addition, Executive Director of Equality Utah, Troy Williams, received further accolades for his organization and its advancement of civil rights within the last decade.

Commissioner Ramirez was also treated to a tour of the recently opened multi-million dollar LGBTQ Pride Community Center by its executive director Rob Moolman. “This Center rivals any LGBT Community center in any major city” said Ramirez who also presented the center with a special U.S. postage stamp portrait of Harvey Milk.

Representing San Diego, Commissioner Ramirez, members of the International Imperial Court Council and LGBT community were given a special reception by Mayor Biskupski. City Councilman Chris Wharton (Vice-Chair of the City Council) was also in attendance.

Afterward, Commissioner Ramirez and Mayor Biskupski exchanged street signs. Ramirez was then named an “Honorary Citizen of Salt Lake.”

Mayor Kevin Faulconer sent Mayor Biskupski a special gift from San Diego, a special commendation from State Assemblyman Todd Gloria.

Stated Commissioner Ramirez of his visit: “It was my privilege to spend five days in Salt Lake which not only has an outstanding Mayor who happens to be a lesbian, married and mother of two but also has three elected Gay Council members. Salt Lake, its city, and LGBT community is most certainly a role model for us all!”

Ramirez will travel to Portland, Oregon next to speak to the city council as they consider joining San Diego and now Salt Lake by naming one of their streets Harvey Milk.

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