Public Facebook bear community group: “No Africans, no Asians”

A public Facebook group has many in the LGBT community wondering about a racist question on their member request form.

“Muscle Bear” is a public group for people in the community who like hirsute muscular gay men, but when you try to join you are confronted with a series of questions. One is innocent enough, “Wherea[sic]  are you from?” the second is a link to an NSFW image of actor Matthew Camp, but it is the third, a statement really, that has people concerned:

“If you are Asian or African do not join the group because it will be blocked from this group.” Once you have answered the questionnaire, you then submit it to the admins who approve or deny you access. 

Concerned members of this public forum are trying to get to the bottom of the query, some saying they had no idea about this stipulation when they originally joined.

Member Matt Consola has been responding to many of the pictures posted to the site wondering about the reason behind the message.

“As a member, this makes us all appear to be racists by being complicit,” writes Matt. “Just no-one will address the matter. So if you know the admins, I’m asking people to reach out and ask why this has been added. And if it’s not removed, I’m asking people to quit and report the group as hate speech.”

In fact, San Diego Gay and Lesbian News reached out to listed admin David Moreno via private message to ask about the restrictive terms, but he has not responded to us.

A member of the San Diego community, who we will not name for privacy reasons, took note of the racist stipulation and asked if all 78 of his friends who are also members knew that the question was present.

One responded, “A lot of people have gotten back to me and said that screening question was not there when they joined. Apparently, one of the admins added this later on.”

Some people say they need to report the group to Facebook admins as having hate speech. 

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