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“Lesbian sex causes cancer” say flyers being placed around Sacramento



SACRAMENTO, California — In a strange canvassing effort, a man has been going door to door in Northern California leaving leaflets claiming lesbian sex causes cancer.  

The flyers state, according to Sacramento’s FOX 40: “Lesbians’ lifestyle is the same as everybody else except for their lovemaking activity that is exclusive to them, therefore it must be that activity which results in a higher incidence of cancer.”

The papers have the header “The key to the mystery of estrogen and cancer.”

They contain “references” too, but one is a search engine query on Bing and the other they deem as “theoretical” from 

Syrena Ponce, a resident who saw the man putting one of the handouts on her door tried to question him but he ignored her.

“He wouldn’t respond to any of the questions we had. He kind of put his head down and was ignoring the situation,” she told FOX 40. “I was concerned mostly because there are children home from school during the summer and stuff and they could be picking this information up.”

Another resident told the channel: “It definitely had a homophobic tone to it.”

Residents in the area who have talked to the media believe the flyers are being distributed by a Christian religious group because they also contain a quote from The Bible.

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