Canadian gay male Facebook group won’t accept trans men: “Dysphoric females are not and can never be men”

Another queer public Facebook group has decided that they will discriminate against potential members, this time it’s trans men.

Last month we reported on another community forum called “Muscle Bear” which put up a barrier against Asians and African-Americans with a discriminatory survey wall.

Vintage Gay Toronto uses the same policing tactic but this time before answering the necessary questions by the admin, they make their intentions known in a disclaimer.

“VTG is exclusively for gay MALES (actual, born, genetic) over 18 years old,” it reads. “Are you a gay male in the actual definition? (Member requests will be declined, failing to answer all three questions.)”

Vintage Gay Toronto currently has 755 members who according to their description talk about, “memories/discussions of bars, people and events gone by PRE-2000, exclusively for & about Toronto’s gay male community.”

We reached out to the sole admin from the group, David Bennett, via private message asking him if trans men could join. His answer reflected the sentiment of the disclaimer with stinging veracity.

“Sorry, no. The group is for actual homosexual men,” he said. “Dysphoric females are not and can never be men, so are therefore naturally (and quite obviously) excluded.”

We reached out again in order to clarify we were a news organization, “I have little care or concern of the opinions of trans activists,” Bennett said. “You may quote me.” 

Transgender rights in Canada continue to slowly evolve especially with its LGBT-friendly Prime Minister Justin Trudeau making progressive changes.

It was only in August of last year that Canadians could indicate on their passports that they do not identify with their biologically classified gender. And back in 2012 Ontario was the first province in Canada that didn’t require sexual re-assignment surgery in order to change sex classification on government documents. 

The Vintage Gay Toronto Facebook group holds Ontario’s capital city in its name. 

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