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This amazing “drag kid” and activist won’t let critics get him down



Earlier this summer we told you about Desmond is Amazing, a gender fluid 11-year-old who also loves performing in drag. His full name is Desmond Napoles, and his presence at Drag Con in June intimidated the anti-LGBT protestors shouting biblical verse and hatred through bullhorns. 

This month Desmond took on another issue, gun control, and ruffled a few feathers in the conservative media as well. The youngster attended a Gays Against Guns demonstration during New York Fashion Week and writer Alex Parker made him an example in a recent article for conservative blog Red State. 

“That’s right — sometimes it isn’t enough to slap on some rouge, top yourself with a daffodil wig, and pull on a pleather polka-dotted sequined v-neck tapered blousy netted metallic backless cocktail dress,” Parker wrote in his article, “sometimes ya gotta rage against the 2nd Amendment.”

But Desmond is not one who takes attempts at public shaming lightly, he quickly clapped back on Instagram with a commentary of his own. 

Desmond wrote, “They meant to make me look like a fool and hurt and embarrass my family. They tried to make me look crazy for protesting against gun violence in schools with @changetheref and @gaysagainstgunsn,” Desmond writes.

He adds: “But really, they made me look even more AMAZING, even going so far as to emphasize that I’ve earned awards for my work in the LGBTQ+ community, that my career started in 2014 with @thejinkx, and that I created the term ‘drag kid.’ I mean, they ain’t lying! I’ve done ALL of those things and I’m grateful for the recognition.”

The young activist ended his post by telling fans if they want to read what a “sad bunch of adults who have nothing better to do than bully a child, call them names, and make up sexual scenarios about them, looks like” they can click the link.

“But I wouldn’t recommend it… No need to give them any needed ad revenue,” he wrote. 

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