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Scooter was not supposed to be active says Bird after traffic fatality



A Chula Vista man was killed on Saturday after the Bird scooter he was riding was struck by a vehicle. 

The ridesharing company says the man was using their scooter “without permission” according to NBC 7

The victim, Esteban Galindo, 26, was riding down Third Avenue at about 4 am on December, 22.

He collided with a car and was taken to the local hospital where he died from his injuries. This is the first time a San Diegan has died as a result of using the scooters. 

Bird and the Chula Vista police are working together to piece together what happened that night, the process could take months. 

However, one thing Bird does say is that their scooters are supposed to be locked down and unrentable between 9 pm and 6 am for safety. Family members say Galindo got the mobile device from a friend who charges them.  

“You never think this would happen to them. You always think this person’s going to live forever,” said Galindo’s cousin Mexi Morales. “It is very sad but the best thing we can do is be in prayers and handle it one step at a time. Just be with your family, that’s about it.”

The driver involved in the accident cooperated with police immediately after it happened. They said the rider had “come out of nowhere.”

Bird issued a statement about the incident: 

“We are working closely with law enforcement on the investigation and currently understand that the victim was on a Bird that he had taken without permission and was subsequently struck by a car.”

Galindo’s family has created a GoFundMe page to help cover funeral expenses.

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