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Openly gay teacher in Mexico found murdered in home



Hugo Mendez was found murdered at his home in Puebla Mexico last week, he was openly gay. 

His neighbors found Mendez’s body which had sustained multiple stab wounds; he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Along with teaching in San Lorenzo Teotipilco, Mendez also taught dance and costume design. He was also known for his activism and charitable volunteer work. 

The Spanish outlet  reports that a close friend to the victim described him as a sensitive and committed person. 

He says that Mendez also received a lot of death threats just for being gay.

Local human rights activists are calling for the murder to be investigated as a hate crime:

“They did not kill him for being a teacher, or for selling costumes, or for having a dance group.

“They killed him because of his sexual orientation and we are outraged and interested to find out who or who killed him and to the full extent of the law, because he was one of us.”

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