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“Country Boy” ally joins Oklahoma Pride parade with famous truck



The most famous tailgate of 2019 made an appearance at Oklahoma City Pride this past weekend. Cody Barlow the owner of a 1991 Chevrolet Silverado made a bold statement earlier this month when he duct taped the colors of Pride to the back of his tailgate with the words “NOT ALL COUNTRY BOYS ARE BIGOTS” and posted the image on social media. The sentiment went viral making Cody somewhat of a celebrity. 

His appearance at Pride was a hit among the crowd too, many taking the opportunity to snap a selfie with the now-famous truck and its owner. 

Barlow spread the word of his experience at Pride via Facebook saying he appreciated the support of “such a wonderful community of people. I saw people laughing, smiling, and radiating happiness. It was all about expression, love, and supporting others. A beautiful sight.”

The self-proclaimed country boy was so busy at the event he felt bad for not getting to meet everyone who wanted to say hi. 

“I apologize if there was anyone that wanted to talk to me, or take pictures, and did not get a chance to. It means a lot to me to try and speak to as many of you as possible. I know it is not easy to tell your stories, especially to a stranger like me, so I appreciate that.”

LGBT publication The Gayly let Cody join them as a part of their parade contingent.

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