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The Late Monday Night Collision In Issaquah Left Four Teenagers Hurt



The Late Monday Night Collision In Issaquah Left Four Teenagers Hurt

Road accidents and injuries have become common incidents in today’s world.  With more and more people buying automobiles, the number of road accidents is increasing day by day.  Special precautions need to be taken to prevent fatal injuries or accidents, especially on the roads. 

Overspeeding, overloaded vehicles, rash or negligent driving, driving under the influence of liquor, red light jumping, and not wearing seat belts or helmets are some of the major contributors to road accidents. 

Other causes of road accidents may include violation of traffic rules, not following traffic signals, or even not following basic driving discipline.  Talking on mobile phones while driving not only causes harm to oneself but also to others.

Four Teenagers Get Injured In A Crash Late Monday Night In Issaquah

The incidences of such mishaps are more during the festive season throughout the world.  People are in a hurry to celebrate festivals with their near and dear ones, leading to speeding and reckless driving.  Drunk driving, tiredness, overtaking, competitive behavior among drivers, etc., often contribute to road accidents during festivals.  Pedestrian-vehicle collisions are also more frequent during festivals.

The Late Monday Night Collision In Issaquah Left Four Teenagers Hurt

The young and middle-aged population are more prone to road accidents as they get holidays from their regular schedule and are in vacation mood during the festive season.  One such deadly crash ended up with four teenagers in a hospital in Issaquah Highlands during the recent Halloween festive season.  The 18-year-old teenage driver of one of the cars, however, escaped unhurt.  The driver of the other car is absconding, according to sources.  Two teenagers who were thrown out of the speeding car suffered serious injuries; they were reported as not wearing seat belts.  Investigations are still ongoing for the cause of the accident, though speeding and competition among young drivers are not ruled out. 

Witnesses report the involvement of more than 2 cars, maybe 3, in the incident.  Neighbors and passersby are still in shock after the loud collision and screaming sound late at night.  Roads had been blocked for about 8 hours following the accident.

Young drivers, especially during festive times and late nights, must be aware of the consequences of not following basic traffic rules and their aftermath.  Awareness programs, strict traffic rules, social media campaigns, and stringent penalties for not following traffic rules should be implemented for defaulters.  

The habit of getting intoxicated during late-night parties and getting provoked to drive rashly on busy roads is a common trend among teenagers. The fatal incidents reported for rash driving often demonstrate the failure of the institutions that work effortlessly to promote the motto “Don’t drink and Drive” across the globe. The persons accompanying the deadly act of rash driving are equally responsible for the mishap since their support adds fuel to the fire by provoking them to drive without control. 

The over-confidence among teenagers in the case of driving a car or bike is also one of the reasons for ending up with serious accidents. The competitive mind combined with the provocation of their partners and friends gears the teenager to make more use of the accelerator and end up with an accident. 

The ultimate and untimely loss of life of the family members will always remain a nightmare for parents and relatives, who will be repenting for such an unbearable loss that can never be substituted. 

Society needs to come together and take prompt steps to curb such road accidents by teenagers and adults before it is too late and we end up seeing our near and dear ones lying on the road in pools of blood. The loss of life may even be of innocent people who were not involved in the drive. 

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