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The LGBTQ Community Already Sees A Bleak Future On Elon Musk’s Twitter



The LGBTQ Community Already Sees A Bleak Future On Elon Musk's Twitter

Elon Musk has only had Twitter for a few days. Still, he has already hurt his credibility on some of the most critical issues on social media and shown a worrying bias against LGBTQ people.

The world’s most trusting billionaire replied to Hillary Clinton’s tweet over the weekend, in which she criticized Republicans for supporting radical ideas that lead to violence. Clinton wrote, “The Republican Party and its spokespeople now often spread hate and crazy conspiracy theories.” Violence is shocking, but it is also expected.

Last Wednesday it is declared by Elon Musk that Twitter is not going to permit any person who has been kicked off the site or whose account has been banned to return till it sets up procedures on how to do that,  this procedure can take around a few weeks in completion. 

His statement meaning is so simple that the people whose account has been banned from Twitter for violating rules for violence, harassment, or election as well as COVID-related half-truth, their account will not be able to store again or activate again before next Tuesday’s US midterm elections.

Ellon Musk Responds

Musk shared an article in the Santa Monica Observer that said Hillary Clinton had died and been replaced by a body double. Musk took down the tweet on Monday, and the Santa Monica Observer updated its story with new information from the police that showed Pelosi did not know DePape.

The LGBTQ Community Already Sees A Bleak Future On Elon Musk's Twitter

Musk’s far-right ideas are scary because he runs the company. Musk told advertisers last week that his version of Twitter wouldn’t turn into a free-for-all hellscape. This was a lie, as Musk has a strange need to spread apparent political lies.

He isn’t just interested in hateful ideas about Paul Pelosi’s gay partner. Last week, Musk replied to Jordan Peterson’s daughter, who was banned from Twitter over the summer for calling trans actor Elliott Page “dead” and his surgeon a “criminal doctor.”

Elon Musk told Peterson’s daughter that “anyone suspended for small and questionable reasons would be released from Twitter prison.” By doing this, he downplayed Peterson’s bizarre attacks on Page and encouraged more transphobia on Twitter. Twitter banned “targeted misgendering or deadnaming of transgender people” in 2018 to keep trans people from getting hurt. Musk might not stick to that rule.

Peterson said he would “rather die” than take back the comment, so his Twitter account was locked. Peterson was banned from making money on YouTube in August because he deadnamed Page and said that gender-affirming medical care for trans people was “wrong on the level of Auschwitz and the Gulag” and a “Nazi medical experiment.”

Before he bought Twitter, Musk also said he would let anti-Semitism happen on the site. Musk was happy to see Kanye West back on Twitter after Instagram banned him for using antisemitic language and accusing Sean “Diddy” Combs of being controlled by “the Jewish people.” West tweeted that he would “kill con three on Jewish people,” which was against Twitter’s rules.

Musk Might Not Stick To That Rule

It is doubtful that Musk’s Twitter will be particularly interested in defending the groups which bore the brunt of targeted harassment on the network, based on his tone. Musk has a history of spreading false information and has even directed his harassment campaign against a Twitter policy official who has since left the company and speaks loudly about what’s to come.

The Human Rights Campaign noted in a statement released on Friday that “We are apprehensive about Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter.” “This is not about censorship or discrimination of views; rather, it is about what sort of firm they want to be and what kind of society they want to influence,” said the spokesperson.

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