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Amber Alert:1-Year-Old Girl Dies After Being Stabbed



Amber Alert1-Year-Old Girl Dies After Being Stabbed

Shocking news erupts from Rosenberg Texas as a 1-year-old baby girl goes missing and is presumed to be abducted by a man.

The baby who was last seen wearing a red Whataburger onesie, is of Hispanic origin, says the police. A Texas Amber Alert was announced soon after the alleged abduction took place from the Houston Area, officials confirmed.

Leylani Ordonez Abducted In Rosenberg

According to the Amber alert, the incident happened about 6:10 p.m. on Tuesday when the little child was abducted from Rosenberg’s 800 block of Brooks Avenue.

Even though more exclusive information was not shared by the officials initially, the suspect has been identified as the kid’s own father – 24-year-old Alexander Barrios Ordonez.

A Hispanic male with black hair and brown eyes, who’s 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs 178 pounds was the primary description released by the officers.

Further reports reveal that Barrios Ordonez has already stabbed another man, and stole a green tow truck which was used to abduct his daughter later. Upon stealing the truck, he drove to the babysitter’s home and barged his way into the inside, and got away with Laylani.

The truck was later identified as a 2004 Ford F450, with Texas license plate number T2160. Upon the vehicle identification the Rosenberg Police Department sent out an Amber alert to call 911 or the police department ((979) 253-8039) themselves if possible. Thanks to the alert call, the officials soon tracked down the abductor and the vehicle escaping off to somewhere unknown.

At around 2 a.m, the law enforcement agencies, namely the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office, Texas DPS, and Sugar Land police were set on a long chase to bring down the abductor and the missing girl. Finally, the authorities tossed out spike strips, which put a halt to the pursuit.

According to the Suni Jugueta, the  Rosenberg PD LtBarrios Ordonez jumped out of the truck holding the bloodied baby. Soon after he got out of the truck, Ordonez is said to have stabbed himself multiple times in an attempt to kill himself.

Alexander Barrios Ordonez and Laylani Ordonez were pronounced dead

After being transferred to the hospital, both the father and daughter were assumed dead, according to the hospital authorities and officers. The authorities indicated in their latest statement that Barrios Ordonez stabbed the infant, but they are unsure of the precise moment of the child’s injury because she was already covered in blood when police arrived.

As of now, the officials are planning to share more information with the media and public upon the involved’s unfortunate death.

In a similar report, the man Ordonez stabbed before has been hospitalized and is said to have worked for him. Although he remains in the hospital, the man who was stabbed is expected to survive, but authorities were unable to provide an update on his health.

“No amount of training can prepare you for this type of scene,” Jugueta quipped.

When asked about Laylani’s mother, the police revealed that the undisclosed female is living on the outskirts of Rosenberg and they are already collecting details and consoling the bereaved mother.

Shocking and strange to the eyes and ears of the public and officials alike, the police still haven’t reached a conclusion regarding the motives of the abduction-cum-killing of the baby. While unofficial reports and findings are surfacing on the internet throwing allegations against Ordonez’s mental health state, no matching information was retrieved from his wife, who’s still unknown.

Echoing Rosenberg Police Department’s reassurance, more crucial information will soon be let out to the public and the media shedding more light on the incident.

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