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Oregon Mayor Arrested For Alleged Halloween Road Rage Shooting!



Oregon Mayor Arrested

Halloween fever was all around but got a special toll on a few people. Many people drinking and driving, or just in mere excitement were seen breaking laws. As per the reports, the small-town Oregon Mayor was arrested for one of the same reasons.

He was road rage shooting on the spooky night of Halloween. He didn’t just put in any normal rage but shot a family during his road rage episode. This scene happened in Hood River County when the mayor of a small town shot the family just for fun.

What Is The Exact Reason For Oregon Mayor’s Arrest?

Multiple charges were done against the Mayor of Rufus, Ore as he attempted something horrific on the day of Halloween. A Murder attempt was charged on the mayor with his alleged road rage shooting in the peaceful neighborhood area of Hood River County

He was involved in the road rage shooting at the community of Parkdale on October 31, Monday. The episode was reported by the Hood River County Sheriff’s Office that the Mayor of Columbia River Gorge town, a small town was involved in the murder attempt.

 Exact Reason For Oregon Mayor's Arrest

The mayor, Dowen Jones was arrested on Tuesday when he was caught red-handed for shooting a family on Highway 281. The innocent family of 4 didn’t know the horror coming. They included children as well, one aged 8 and another aged 5.

The family was peacefully driving south on Highway 281 when the SUV was following them. It was around 8:45 PM on Monday of Halloween when the family saw the SUV driver driving erratically.

The SUV was stopped at Highway 281 near Fairland Road when the driver of the family stopped to tell the sheriff about his erratic driving. He also described the SUV and how his driving was dangerously alarming.

Out of nowhere a passenger stepped out in the range from his side and fired many rounds of a firearm at the family (who was passing the SUV). It was aimed directly at the family member that the sheriff’s officer saw and gunfire from the passenger caused damage to the family’s vehicle. Although no injuries were reported, things got scary in no time. 

Investigations began and police were on the case until they reported on Tuesday that the SUV belongs to Jones. Also, they identified that Jones was the alleged shooter who practically aimed to kill the family with his handgun. The guy was arrested and booked for the trials at Northern Oregon Regional Correctional Facility in The Dalles.

There was a viral video on the internet depicting how the road rage shooting was horrendously done to the family. The Mayor, Jones faced multiple charges including one- the murder to attempt and the attempted assault on 4 counts of the first degree. All the investigations are still going and the sheriffs are on the case (in case they find more to tell). 

Final Words

Halloween is all about celebrations and getting festive-ready- although for some it may go extreme. If you do not feel safe in your country, it’s of no use.

The festive vibes are meant to be celebrated with peace and harmony, not with guns and arms! We deeply feel sorry for the family who faced such circumstances. 

After almost 2 years when the world is ready to feel normal again, some people spoil the overall festival vibe for everyone. Such cases disable families to travel on occasions like Halloween and Christmas. 

We hope the family is okay and coping with the overall incident. All we can do is, make sure these people are punished and well-served in the court of law.

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