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The Equalizer 3 Caterers Were Detained In A Cocaine Bust!



The Equalizer 3 Caterers

Italian police have recently arrested the two movie caterers. This arrest has taken place from Denzel Washington’s production house. Both were taken to bars after they were suspected of distributing cocaine.

Italian Police Arrested Two Movie Caterers

Due to the consumption of excessive cocaine, a man from this production house died. After that, the police investigation discovered two men who were responsible for increasing the availability of cocaine within the premises. The two individuals have been put under houses, and a proper review of the petition is still pending. 

Italian Police Arrested Two Movie Caterers

Complete Details About The Arrest

At the set of the equalizer 3, the head caterer died. When the police arrived, they transported him to the hospital. According to the autopsy report, he died due to a heart attack. But to the surprise of the police, several packets of cocaine have been discovered inside his bag.

It was revealed that he was working on the sets of Equaliser 3. Not only this, but also the Italian Police suspected that the movement of drugs within the premises had increased, and it was essential to conduct an investigation as soon as possible. They investigated the entire production set and, at the same time, a nearby hotel where a maximum of the crew members were living. 

Around 120 grams of cocaine was discovered in the hotel itself. These drugs were found with the caterers preparing food for the production team. The police conducted a complete investigation of the entire set.

But the drugs were mainly discovered around the areas where these caterers were present. The two suspects were immediately put behind bars, and a trial for prosecuting them would be initiated shortly. 

What Has The Production Team Got To Say About This? 

The production department of the movie has decided to replace the independent catering company with another company as soon as possible because they do not want to become a part of this drug racket at any cost.

In an interview, the officials of the production department also revealed that none of the crew members has any association with this catering company in their dealings with drugs. Their focus is entirely on completing the shooting as soon as possible. 

 Production Team

They have also ensured that the caterers would not delay the movie’s production at any cost. This investigation will not at all hamper the schedule they have been following to complete the movie’s production as soon as possible.

The Equalizer 3 is expected to release by the end of 2023. It would be completed on time. Team equalizer three is being equally Cooperative with the police department concerning the ongoing investigation against the caterers. 

How Is The Situation Now? 

The shooting is running as per this schedule, and the Dynamics will be expected to be added side by side to prevent unnecessary delay. This movie concerns the television series that was released around the 1980s. Audiences are desperately waiting for the third part.

This particular movie has been able to impress the audience to a great extent and the first and the second part of the movie were equally successful. The teaser will be out shortly, and it will be in a position to impress the audience and create suspense concerning the upcoming sequel. 

Final Words

The movie will not be deleted due to any obstacle, and the production team has already assured it. This is one of the essential aspects which must be taken into consideration at every cost. It is only with this factor’s help that people attempt to bring a better version of themselves.

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