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VA Study Suggests – Covid Risk May Be Reduced For Patients With Paxlovid!



Covid Risk May Reduced

The pandemic of covid-19 has been a tough time for most people. Until the development of a vaccine, different types of medications were used in order to cure the infection. One such kind of oral antiviral that was administered to patients to fix covid-19 among elderly people was Paxlovid. 

Covid Effects Have Been Reduced To A Great Extent

Recent research has discovered that all the people who relied on this medicine were not only able to prevent hospitalization and death during covid, but at the same point of time, they have built a resistance inside the body with the help of which they are now able to prevent the long term covid risk.

Covid Effects Have Been Reduced

The possibility and the tendency of these people to undergo the long-term covid effects have been reduced to a great extent. The Department of Veteran Affairs has developed this report. 

Details Of The Study

Research has been conducted on 9000 people who were dependent upon Paxlovid during the treatment. In fact, an attempt was made to study 50000 people who had tested positive for covid-19 but did not take this drug for the time being.

It was found that there was a reduction of 25% in around 15 to 20 symptoms of covid-19 that usually occur in the long run in the population which consumed Paxlovid.

This has sufficiently established the cause-and-effect relationship between the intake of this medicine and its subsequent ability to prevent the long-term covid risk. 

The best part of the research was the discovery that vaccination was not at all an important factor in determining the end results. These common symptoms which were not reported in the people who already were administered Paxlovid included brain fogging and tiredness.

All the implications on public health have become very relevant all of a sudden and have actually been able to bring the best performance over time. 

What Does The Other Part Of The Research Say? 

Even after people have recovered from covid-19, the medical teams are still concerned about the long-term effects that would experienced by these people in the long run. These long-term effects would be positioned to attack the immunity of the people thereby making them vulnerable to more diseases. 

 Other Part Of The Research About Paxlovid

Out of 50000 people who have tested positive for covid-19 and did not have Paxlovid as a part of the treatment, around 57% showed the after-effects of covid-19. This was a very huge number. The long-term effects of covid-19 impact the tendency of people to carry even the daily activities properly.

That is why it has become a significant cause of concern for most people. The factors cannot be ignored at all because they tend to have a long-term effect on the body. 

What Is The Future Course Of Action? 

An attempt is being made by the medical department in order to administer this drug once again amongst the patients so that long-term immunity can be built in order to fight the long-term effects of covid-19.

This is actually the need of the hour because the long-term effects of covid-19 can cause acute and chronic illness. Only with the help of these factors would a better immunity be provided with time. This is the best factor which has got its own utility. 

Final Words

An attempt is being made in order to discover the treatment which will be having a long-term impact on the people. This is going to protect them from future challenges and also develop the immunity that is helpful to cure the present problem.

This is the best type of solution that can be promoted by the medical teams. A person can be in a position to bring Bett changes through this method. 

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