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Aroace Flag – Everything You Need To Know



The Aroace Flag-Everything You Need To Know

Nowadays every people in the world has belonged to specific groups, organizations, or communities. One of the most popular ones in this category is the sexual orientations or sexual preferences of people. Many sexualities have arisen including switching genders and identifying oneself as an individual from a certain category.

Empowerment has been done over these years to educate the importance of and to recognize them. To represent themselves symbols, flags, or any materialistic tokens are introduced. There are several flags out there uniting people from different orientations. The aroace flag adds up to that list.

What Is Aromantic Asexual Or Aroace?

Aromantic Asexual or simply Aroace conveys its regards from the asexual community. Asexuality is when a person questions their sexuality or low sexual interaction and lack of desire for it. People who are less likely to get attracted sexually have mostly belonged in this community.

The Aroace Flag-Everything You Need To Know

Some really have deeply specific necessities when it comes to partners or intercourse. This has turned out to be a new orientation represented by the aeroace flag. They are somewhat determined by their environment, beliefs, living style, and circumstances along with other biological factors.

Queer Theory On Aroace

According to Queer theory, the rise of such gender sexual orientations or preferences has existed since the human race evolved and is mentioned in history books and myths. The growth and the public appearance happened around the 20th century especially 1950s in the modern era. The unity of people along with the help of technologies and media nowadays social media helped them to get a huge boost to come out as their true self’s along with gaining popularity.

The internet and social media played a huge role in popularizing this and it’s said to be estimated that around 1 % of the population is asexual. They’ve also labeled the term ‘ace’ community according to researchers. It’s said that there have been multiple designs proposed to represent the ace community but a few have gained attention and got recognition over the last decade. Around a dozen of the flag, ideas have been introduced since the community was established. The orientation communities have always or mostly been represented by flags or icons with multiple colors defining the unity and meaning behind the colors, the aroace flag is no different from the usual idea of the flag.

Aroace Flag

Though there have been several designs introduced by the people from the community itself or with the help of other LGBTQIA communities. From the late 2010s especially from the start of 2020s the main flag which represents or is used by the majority of people from the Aro ace consists of colors from top to bottom in a horizontal line.

Aroace flag
  • There are five colors used in the flag shades Yellow, Orange two shades of Blue, and white. The Orange means the unity of the community and places among aro and ace and Yellow which is love that crosses the borders of normal romantic and sexual relationships.
  • White always represents peace and positivity, but here represented as pure and open when it comes to relationship without such commitments and wholeness of the people who belongs to this community.
  • The two shades of blue mainly light and dark are their identity and experience as people from aro and ace. The color was chosen due to the fact that it lies between the aromantic green and asexual purple

Will There Be Change?

This might not be forever as the communities change their ideas and views as well as change the colors or symbols according to the time trend or by redesigning it. The other flag which got attention was the previous design which was the face of the Aroace which had entirely different colors except for the white, It had black, grey purple, and green in order lined up from top to bottom horizontally.

Even if the Arp Ace or Aroace communities are united they’re different in nature. Asexual people are the ones who lack sexual attraction and Aromantic peoples lack romance or aren’t romantic in relationships even if they have such sexual desires. Romance is glorified in movies and social media according to them which might be true as everyone is different.

These people are worthy and deserve to be respected regardless of their choices, they contribute to society, and it is great to explore different personalities and accept perceived views that are different from ours. Although we have a few major categories to determine who we are it’s excepted of us to explore and appreciate people who bring their variety and authentic self to the world with confidence and determination.

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