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Despite An Earthquake Hitting The Island, There Are No Casualties Reported!




Did you experience little waves at night? No, we are not talking about Delhi or Nepal, this time it was Andaman and Nicobar islands. The previous day, we got earthquake tremors around Delhi and Nepal at 6.3 magnitude Richter scale when 6 people were reported dead.

Although no casualties were reported, the disaster management reported a 4.4 magnitude earthquake in Andaman and Nicobar islands. The department reported the same along with the information regarding the magnitude and area affected.

Andaman And Nicobar Island Have Been Hit By An Earthquake

North India experienced the earthquake a day before and now the islands hit the same. The tremors were felt at midnight with an intense 6.3 magnitude earthquake that hit Nepal.

Around 6 people were killed due to Nepal’s earthquake following which an earthquake was felt near Uttarakhand and now in Andaman and Nicobar islands. Although it was a minor one with a 4.3 magnitude on the Richter scale, it’s still a cause of concern. 

Island Have Been Hit By An Earthquake

The earthquake occurred below 10 KM of the earth and was reported by the National Center for Seismology. It was reported on 02:29:36 IST on latitude 9.45 and longitude at 93.44. It had a depth of around 10 km and was located at Port Blair in Andaman and Nicobar ( 253 km SSE).

We haven’t received any reports of injuries or deaths caused by the natural disaster. Uttarakhand experienced the same tremors in the morning that North India did last night around midnight on a 6.3 Richter scale. It was low intensity but was a cause of concern.

We already know about 6 people who died in the Doti district of Nepal. The building collapsed after the 6.3 magnitude earthquake. Although no further casualties and injuries were reported by the sources. It was reported 106 km to the east-northeast of Port Blair around 6.59 AM to be exact. It is important to be prepared for the Earthquake before it hits the rock.

Steps To Prepare For A Mishap To Happen

There are 6 steps you can take to better prepare for the mishap to happen. Let’s explore these-

  • Always Make A Plan- You’ve to gather your family and make sure to have a safe meeting place. It has to be a safe location and always be in contact with someone who can tell you about the outside information. This will help you change your plans last minute (if any further information about the disaster is reported).
  • You’ve To Secure Your Home- Make your infrastructure shockproof as much as possible. It will be hard for structures to deal with worse shocks but they should bear the general ones. You can work on retrofitting weak spots and strap down the heavy furniture. Always make sure to secure loose objects.
  • Have Kits- These are your store supplies that can help families. Your people should be equipped with stuff.
  • Drop, Cover And Hold- Always drop where you are and cover your head when the earthquake starts. You can always hide under heavy furniture.
  • Always Check For Hazards- After the shakes, check for wires, gas lines, walls, floors, and water pipes if they are open or unsafe.
  • Always Stay Connected- Earthquakes can be coped with the help of community effort. Let your neighbors know and prepare better for the same. 

Prevention is better than cure and situations like earthquakes. You may not be able to protect yourself from a natural disaster. Although you can always learn the safety steps and take them accordingly.

Areas like Delhi, Islands, and mountains are prone to earthquakes and people should be well prepared for the same. We hope these steps help you build a safer and more secure environment.

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